Tightrope Winery

Close up of Tightrope logo (a silhouette of a man on a tightrope) on wooden planks

Wines worth walking a tightrope for? Well, that depends if you like skillfully made, award winning Naramata Bench classics. The winery’s name refers to the balancing act that is required when making wine.

12 of the Best Penticton Wine Tours

Close up of six wine bottles at Kettle Valley Winery, with photographs in background

With more than 50 wineries located within a 20 minute drive of the downtown area, Penticton is an ideal place to go wine touring. Make the most of your experience by taking a Penticton wine tour.

Top 10 Best Things to Do in Penticton: By a Local

A cyclist is riding away from the camera on the downhill dirt KVR path, with fencing on both sides and vineyards beyond. In the background, a calm lake is visible as well as mountainous terrain on the other side

Thanks to the incredible natural beauty in this area, there are SO many things to do in Penticton. But don’t worry if you’re more of an urbanite – there’s plenty for you here as well. This post features more than 70 ideas, including touristy must-dos as well as some awesome off the beaten path activities.

The Best Restaurants in Penticton: By a Local

Two tacos on a silver colored tray at Neighbourhood Brewing. One taco with fried fish, diced tomato and red onion. The other is street yellow corn toped with cheese and cilantro.

For such a relatively small city, Penticton has a surprisingly large and diverse food scene. With such a variety of options, narrowing down the best Penticton restaurants is quite a challenge. But we’ve done the hard work for you!

The Best Patios in Penticton: Recommendations By a Local

View of six person table at Play Winery Restaurant with umbrella and gorgeous lake views in the background

Penticton has the perfect climate for eating al fresco, with the patio season usually running from April to October. Whether you’ve just finished a wine tour or a hike along the Kettle Valley Rail (KVR) Trail, these Penticton patios are the place to sit back, relax and enjoy some local eats.

The Best Places to Stay in Penticton

Looking across grassy lawn area to sandy beach next to calm Okanagan Lake - Penticton Lakeside Resort private beach

This complete guide to the best Penticton accommodation includes a break down of city areas and their advantages (and disadvantages!) as well as recommendations for the best hotels, motels and vacation rentals.

Penticton River Channel Float: Complete Guide

People floating on inflatable tubes on the Penticton Channel, British Columbia

Floating the Penticton Channel is a summer must do in British Columbia, Canada. The slow, shallow river is the perfect place to relax, listen to music, drink, chat and sunbathe – it is BC’s largest summer party!

Naramata Bench Wine Touring Etiquette and Tips

In the upscale winery tasting room, four people lined up in front of a fancy tasting bar. Behind the bar the Little Engine logo is on a wall made of white painted planks. On each side of the logo three shelves each showcasing a lineup of wines.

Wine tasting should be a fun experience. But unless you’ve spent much time in wine country, you may not realise that there are some unspoken rules about wine tasting etiquette. This post offers a crash course in wine tasting etiquette, alongside some Naramata Bench-specific tips and tricks.