Fox and Archer Winery

Fox and Archer is a great example of the family owned boutique wineries that make the Naramata Bench the beautiful and unique place that it is.

The winery is named after the husband and wife team that own and operate it (Tyson Archer and Diane Fox). And when I say operate, they do everything. Pruning, harvesting, crushing, pressing, marketing, wine sales and more.

Wine tastings are usually private and are hosted by Tyson at a rustic bar in front of the winery’s wine cellar. Tyson and Diane’s house is less than 30m away. It’s casual, fun and personalised. A new tasting room is being built slightly closer to the road.

Close up of Fox and Archer Winery wine bottles lined up on rustic tasting bar with more on rack on left
Fox and Archer Winery tasting

Expect to taste five different wines over 45 minutes. The Pinot Noirs are a stand-out for me, with the 3 Blocks the most intriguing – the grapes come from three different areas in the vineyard. No pesticides, herbicides or toxic sprays are used in the vineyard in order to promote natural herbicides.

Being able to speak to the winery owner and winemaker is always an interesting experience and Tyson is a great sport, willing to share insights into the complexities of winemaking as well as the wine industry overall.

Close up of hand holding glass of pink coloured rose wine in front of Fox and Archer sign
Tasting rose at Fox and Archer Winery

At a Glance

Tasting info: Reservation required
Tasting style
: Outdoor bar tasting
Tasting cost
: $10pp, waived on purchase
Wine club: Yes

Food: No
Accommodation: No
: No
Pet friendly
: No
Weddings and private events
: No

Contact information

Phone: 1-604-349-1880
Address: 655 Naramata Rd, Penticton

Looking down to driveway slope with Fox and Archer sign on left, single story house in middle, trailer on right and tractor next to fence on far right. Okanagan Lake is visible in the background
Fox and Archer property

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