Joie Farm Winery

Celebrating the ‘art of good living,’ JoieFarm is situated on one of the larger acreages on the Naramata Bench. The winery aims to combine West Coast style with European chic, showcasing Burgundian varietals such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Gamay plus Alsatian varietals like Riesling and Gewürztraminer.

The custom-built red farmhouse, visible from Naramata Road, is one of Joie’s most distinctive features. It hints at the relaxed yet classy winery ambience – that Europe meets West Coast style. The farmhouse sits atop a sloping vineyard, revealing gorgeous views of Okanagan Lake and its mountainous backdrop.

Though the tasting room is relatively new (2017), Joie Farm is actually the fourth oldest winery on the Naramata Bench. It is also one of the only wineries to sell wine in cans, something we wholeheartedly appreciate for camping and outdoor adventure.

Joie Farm tasting room featuring a modern bar looking out to floor to ceiling window with views of Okanagan Lake visible in background
Joie Farm tasting room

Tastings are held at a modern bar within the main building and also on the adjacent covered patio. Beyond the patio is Joie Farm’s star attraction – the Picnique Lawn.

This garden space is truly glorious in summer with wildflowers, planters and fruit trees blooming. Seating is orientated to take in the views of Okanagan Lake as well.

Wine can be purchased by the bottle to enjoy on the Picnique Lawn. It is super family-friendly, with a bocce court available for play as well. Dogs are also welcome, with scattered trees providing some much-needed shade on hot days. Please note that there are winery dogs as well.

Patio seating at Joie Farm, separated from lawn area with planters. Yellow seating is visible on lawn, with umbrellas above. Okanagan Lake can be seen in the background
Joie Farm patio and lawn

At a Glance

Tasting info: Reservations required
Tasting style
: Seated outdoor or standing indoor, 45 minutes, 5 wines
Tasting cost
: $15, non-refundable
Wine club: Yes

Food/restaurant: Pop-up food truck (check social media for updates)
: No
: Yes
Pet friendly
: Yes
Weddings and private events
: No

Contact Information

Phone: 1-250-496-0093
Address: 2825 Naramata Road

Looking over Joie Farm garden with yellow flowers and other wildflowers in front of sloping vineyard, Okanagan Lake in background
Joie Farm garden

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